Q: Will MedEDocs work with Open Office or other word processors?
A: No, MedEDocs requires Microsoft Word, versions 2007 through 2016.
Q: Does MedEDocs work with Windows 10?
A: Yes, All MedEDocs modules are compatible with Windows10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista.
Q: Can I use my current foot pedal with MedEDocs?
A: MedEDocs is compatible with the  IN-USB-1 or IN-USB-2 USB foot control as well as many popular USB and game port pedals. For more information see Pedal Configuration. To purchase as foot pedal on-line click here.
Q: Is my company too small or too large for MedEDocs? Will MedEDocs work for me?
A: MedEDocs is an extremely scalable solution. It works for single MT transcription companies as well as hospitals and mid to large-sized MTSOs. MedEDocs automates many tasks and offers more features than most enterprise systems.