Trouble Shooting

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Software closes unexpectantly after attaching new Infinity Series 3 foot control

A new IC chip design in the Infinity Series 3 and some series 2 foot controls can cause a compatibility issue with older versions of the transcription software. Transcription verson 3.0.7 or newer includes an updated pedal driver with support for the new design. Please update your software to get the latest version.

Resetting the File Menu in MS Word

Problem: Word causes an error when trying to open with the MedEDocs Transcription Module. Normally, when Word is opened as a component of the MedEDocs Transcription Module, the File menu is modified. The Open, Save and Save As commands are disabled so that these operations can be handled by the transcription module and not Word. When MedEDocs is closed, these menu commands are restored so that Word opened independent of MedEDocs will operate normally. When an error occurs and MedEDocs shuts down abruptly, these File menu commands may not be restored correctly. In this case, the commands are not available (greyed out) when Word is opened outside of the transcription module. Follow these steps to restore menu commands on the File menu of Word:

  1. Open Word outside of the MedEDocs Transcription Module.
  2. Open the Tools menu and choose Customize.
  3. Drag the Customize dialogue box out of the way (to the bottom right corner of your screen). To do this, click the colored bar across the top of the dialogue box with the mouse cursor, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to the right. You will not actually use the dialogue box from this point forward, but it must be open in order to perform step 4.
  4. Click the File menu so that the list of commands drops down.
  5. RIGHT click on the menu command that has been disabled.
  6. On the menu that appears, click “Reset.”
  7. Press the Enter key to accept the change.
  8. Press Esc to close the dialogue box.
  9. Click the File menu to confirm that the menu commands appear in black (i.e. no longer greyed out).
  10. Close Word. You may be asked to save changes to the If so, answer Yes.

File Locked For Editing

When a file says locked for editing there is usually a copy open. You may not be able to see the open copy. Often word does not close correctly and when that happens, any open documents remain locked for editing.

Close MedEDocs and any other known copies of Word. Use Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the task manager. Click on the processes tab. Look down the list of processes for WINWORD.EXE. (They will not be in alphanumeric order you can click the column title to sort) If you see any instances of WINWORD.EXE, select and terminate the process.

Once you have terminated all instances of Word, it is a good idea to open Word by itself to see if there are any recovered documents or other user messages to dismiss. Close Word and open MedEDocs. The file should be unlocked.

If you do not want to fool with the task manager you can simply restart your computer. This will have the same effect of closing any open copies of Word and releasing the locks on the files.