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MedEDocs Terms of Use Agreement

Use of this site is granted for the purpose of review or printing of patient health information as authorized by rendering physician within HIPAA guidlines in place at the time of reading.

You must have a username and password to log in to and use the site. Access to records are determined by login and password used. In using the site you agree that you are using the username and password assigned to you and that you have authority to do so. You further agree to keep your username and password secret and safe to your ability to do so.  You also agree to report  compromised or suspected compromised logins.

Any abuse of the site, including but not limited to, commercial use, hacking or attemped hacking, denial of service attacks, theft or attempted theft, fraud, or other misuse of the site is prohibited and will result in denial of access or prosecution.

Passwords can be reset by MedEDocs staff by request at 1-866-460-1265.

Contact the providing physicians office for login information.