From here you can download all the MedEDocs software as well as any important updates.

Click on the links below or to right to start.
Providers Report Viewer - View, print, sign and manage reports
  VoiceLink - Upload digital recorder voice files
Transcriptionists MedEDocs Transcription software
Coordinator - Coordinate work flow
  System Manager - MedEDocs setup and maintenance


MedEDocs software utilizes the Microsoft .net framework. Microsoft recently dropped support for .net versions 4.5 and earlier. MedEDocs will retarget all .net framework dependent software to .net version 4.6. The MedEDocs “Click Once” web installer for each product should install needed prerequisites including .net framework, updated modules and appropriate VC++ runtime files. For this set of updates we recommend using the web installers found on each product page above to install, reinstall or update your software

If you prefer or need to install these prerequisites individually…

Install the .NET Framework 4.6.2
Web Installer
Offline Installer (download the complete installer then run it)

Install the VC++ 2017 (ver 14) runtime